Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

Government assistance program disbursements are now issued on EBT cards that can be used like prepaid debit cards and processed with the same equipment. NAMS makes electronic benefits transfer (EBT) acceptance a simple and easy way to attract new customers and increase retention of existing customers. 

The most common uses of EBT cards are groceries, rent and mortgages, clothing, personal care, household items, utilities and transportation. As a result, many businesses can benefit from accepting EBT, including retail stores and supermarkets, residential landlords, public and private utility providers, laundromats and private transportation services. 

Merchants that offer the ability to pay with EBT can expand their customer base, increase customer satisfaction, and increase revenue. Accepting these payments has never been easier - there are no longer coupons or paper certificates to bundle and return to the state.  

Merchants must be authorized by their state through the USDA to process EBT transactions. Contact NAMS at 888-256-6267 to set your business up to accept EBT.