North American Merchant Services (NAMS) provides and supports a robust selection of credit and debit card terminals, payment gateways, and payment software along with additional peripherals such as pin pads, check readers and magnetic card readers. Our vast product line allows us to provide the best credit card solution for you. Below are a just a few examples of some of our products.

Credit & Debit Card Terminals

Hypercom Optimum T4210

A sleek dial terminal offering multiple functions.

Hypercom Optimum T4220

Along with Ethernet and dial connections, this terminal offers performance and security.

Hypercom T7Plus

A solid terminal utilizing dial connection and very user friendly.

VeriFone Vx510

A reliable terminal that uses a standard dial analog phone line, is simple to install and easy to use.

VeriFone Vx570

Versatile by having both Ethernet and dial capabilities, this terminal is very fast completing transactions in seconds. 

Wireless/Mobile Credit & Debit Card Terminals

Hypercom Optimum M4230

Portable, secure performance with processing on the go.

VeriFone Vx610

Hand-held terminal with great connection, maximum security, and fast processing.

Virtual Merchant Mobile

Secure payment solution that transforms mobile devices into payment terminals.


Mobile payment processing on your iPhone or iPad anywhere with great functionality. 

Internet & E-commerce Solutions


A leading payment gateway offering multiple features.

Internet Secure

An E-commerce solution that is versatile, secure, and efficient.

Software & Hosted Solutions

Virtual Merchant

Virtual terminal that flexible, reliable, and secure.

MX Merchant

Virtual terminal processing with optional plans and features to best fit your needs.


Secure payment processing software that is easy to install and utilize.

Electronic Check Processing

RDM EC 6000i

Reliable, robust electronic check reader and imager. 

RDM Synergy II

Powerful, all-in-one payment terminal.


Hypercom Pin Pad 1300

Secure pin entry device with ergonomic design and user friendly. 

VeriFone Pin Pad 1000SE

Versatile pin pad with maximum security and sleek design.

Magnetic Card Reader

POS and PC based secure card reader that is simple and easy to use.