Wireless / Mobile

New wireless and mobile technology allows merchants to capture card-present sales in the field and on the go. Salespeople, contractors, service technicians, tradeshow vendors, etc. can accept card payments rapidly and securely from virtually any location where mobile service is available.

NAMS offers mobile payment applications that transform Apple® iPhones, iPads & iPod touch; select BlackBerrys and Android smartphones or tablet devices into handheld terminals on the go. Mobile payments offer great convenience for merchants to accept card payments immediately, and for customers, by giving them the option of different payment methods. Setup for these devices is easy and the application is user-friendly.

NAMS also offers wireless terminal solutions for those merchants without a smartphone or tablet or those who wish to provide a hardcopy paper receipt to customers. Some merchants are already utilizing wireless terminals and NAMS can support these devices.

Through NAMS, wireless/mobile processing merchants benefits include:

  • Ability to swipe cards (with optional card reader)
  • Acceptance of major credit and signature and PIN debit cards
  • Email transaction receipts
  • Customizable Electronic Gift Cards
  • Online access to reporting and transactional data 
  • PCI compliance assistance
  • Next-day funding availability
  • 24/7 in-house customer service

NAMS can put you on the leading edge of wireless/mobile credit card processing with solutions that are reliable, secure and cost-effective. To get started, call us at 888-256-6267 or email info@namerchantservices.com.