With NAMS’ extensive experience of offering reliable, secure and cost-effective card processing solutions, we have become a trusted source for lodging and property management merchants. NAMS can not only save you money, but also simplify the payment process for bed and breakfasts, motels, hotel chains and cabin rentals by supporting everything from stand alone terminals to integration of reservation software systems.

Whether customers are paying for charges, deposits or other fees face-to-face or over the telephone or Internet, NAMS makes it easy for you to accept card payments. Because of our experience in the property management industry, we understand the importance of the business financial requirements between property managers and property owners and can properly setup merchant accounts to these specifications.

NAMS offers Lodging & Property Management merchants:

  • Acceptance of major credit and debit cards
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Quick-stay, check-in/check-out, and online processing applications
  • Easy integration with existing software
  • Support for recurring billing
  • Online access to reporting and transaction data 
  • PCI compliance assistance
  • Next-day funding availability
  • 24/7 in-house customer service

NAMS’ delivers lodging payment processing solutions that save you money and are designed for easy integration with your existing reservation or property management software or terminal based processing.

Choose NAMS for the most reliable, secure and cost-effective solutions available. To get started, call us at 888-256-6267 or email info@namerchantservices.com.