Government / Utilities / Tax

For nearly a decade, NAMS has garnered a unique understanding of the needs of local/county governments through providing payment processing services and administering convenience fee programs tailored to their needs. NAMS’ tax program provides customized payment processing that integrates our industry-leading service with products and technologies that government can use now and into the future. You can count on NAMS to provide the industry expertise and seamless integration our clients have come to expect.

NAMS’ offers Government/Utilities/Tax merchants:

  • Phone, mail and Internet transactions, and face-to-face payments
  • Service and convenience fees
  • Payment programs tailored to work within your specific regulations/requirements
  • IP or dial-up connections
  • Integration with existing accounting software

Electronic payments are a tremendous convenience for consumers, but there is a cost for processing these transactions. NAMS’ convenience and service fee programs offer government entities different processing options based upon the ability to accept convenience or service fees.

NAMS understands that government, utilities and tax entities are subject to different regulations for acceptance of card payments and associated fees, and we are have the experience and ability to setup the program to fit your needs and meet these requirements. 

NAMS supports convenience fees for electronic payment of:

  • Traffic fines, and virtually any other type of fee or fine 
  • Court bonds 
  • Building or parking permits
  • Bills for utilities and other municipal services
  • Local property taxes 
  • Federal and state income taxes

NAMS makes it easy for tax offices to accept credit cards for payment of taxes with:

  • No application fees
  • No setup fees
  • No statement fees
  • No processing fee
  • No monthly minimums

Whether you are accepting payment online, by phone, mail or face to face, NAMS’ processing solutions will make it a seamless process. Contact NAMS for the most reliable, secure and cost-effective solutions available. Call us at 888-256-6267 or email