E-commerce / Mail & Telephone Order

Your customers expect smooth, hassle-free online transactions. No matter the size of your business, NAMS can tailor a cost-effective ecommerce solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing POS software, or add one of our secure payment gateways to your ecommerce shopping cart. With NAMS, you get fast, secure processing, and 24-7 customer service.

NAMS offers E-Commerce/ Mail Order – Telephone Order (MOTO) merchants:

  • Acceptance of major credit and signature debit cards
  • Multiple payment gateway options
  • Virtual terminal for phone or manual transactions
  • Support for recurring billing
  • Electronic check conversion with guarantee (MOTO)
  • Customizable Electronic Gift Cards
  • Online access to reporting and transaction data 
  • PCI compliance assistance
  • Next-day funding availability
  • 24/7 in-house customer service

NAMS’ payment processing solutions are compatible with leading Internet payment gateways. NAMS is also a preferred reseller of Authorize.Net, one of the most popular internet gateways used today. Our breadth of compatibility with many payment gateways allows us to provide you with the most secure, reliable, and cost effective solution while providing unparalleled support and tools to help you prevent fraud, chargebacks and transaction downgrades.

Our virtual terminal options turn any web-enabled PC into a payment terminal and supports swiped and mail order/telephone order transactions. NAMS’ virtual terminals are hosted solutions allowing you to begin processing electronic payments by utilizing your existing PCs and Internet connections–bypassing costs for specialized terminals and additional lines or expensive software upgrades, maintenance and technical support. Able to support multiple users in a business, our virtual terminals are effective solutions for both retail and mail order/telephone order merchants. Also, because the virtual terminal is hosted by the processor, the bulk of security compliance liability is placed on the processor.

Whatever your PC payment processing requirements, look to NAMS for the most reliable, secure and cost-effective solutions available. To get started, call us at 888-256-6267 or email info@namerchantservices.com.

Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller