“With our business having so many different points-of-sale – a hotel, two restaurants, banquet facilities and a retail shop – reliable merchant services are extremely important to our operation. Throughout the course of our working relationship, NAMS has proven to be extremely reliable in maintaining functionality and in getting us back online in the rare case of a service outage. Their continued diligence has eliminated any qualms over our credit card processing, allowing us to focus on the more important aspects of our business.”

Chris, Director of resort property in NC


“For many years, we have trusted NAMS with our credit and debit card processing needs. As we have grown, NAMS has always been able to accommodate our changes and requests while providing prompt, professional, and local 24/7 service.”  

Lydonna, Manager of multiple restaurants in TN


“I have used (NAMS), for approximately 3 years. I have been very pleased with the service I get. Starting with the initial set up, which they come to my store and set it up and made it very easy on me, they took time to explain how to use my machine. I can easily understand how monthly billing is done and I don't have unexpected charges. The look of the statement is easy to understand and if I have a question, it is promptly answered by NAMS. I have not had any billing errors or any errors with my funds deposits into my account. I receive my money quickly, as well. I just recently added online service for my website and I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of setting that up and the customer service that we had with installing the links for merchant services. I really appreciate the NAMS team as they always make sure I am happy with my Credit Card needs.” 

Lorie , retail business owner in TN


“NAMS is more that just a vendor to us, they are partner. Our business is so unique, we have Retail, Catalog, TV and Web orders, and this can be challenging for any merchant. NAMS has been there to help direct, help answer and most of all....provide solutions to our challenges.”

Travis, Chief Operating Officer for large business in TN


"I get at least 2 phone calls a week from people that want to save me money on my credit card charges, I tell them it's not about saving money it's about "service" ( you remember service, like from the 60's) Yes real live people that will help you file all of those compliance forms, drive to your store at 7 pm because your terminal is down, hold your hand and talk you through a charge back or a screwed up charge at 10 o'clock at night...Oh yea, and did I mention you get all of this at a better rate than almost every carrier out there! I don't care if "hello my name is Bob" in a call center from who knows where can save me a fraction of a percentage point, I would gladly pay more to have the service that I get at North American....but I don't have to pay more!”  

John, owner of multiple retail businesses in NC and SC.